Tribal militias clash in Shabwah

Tribal militias clash in Shabwah

Armed confrontations broke out on Monday between tribal groups with various types of medium and light weapons south of the city of Ataq, the center of Shabwah province, which is controlled by the Saudi-led coalition in eastern Yemen.

According to local sources, the confrontations broke out between armed groups from the Al Yaslam bin Daha and Al Salem bin Daha tribes in the Yashbum area of Al-Saeed district against the backdrop of tribal revenge in the second clash since early November.

The sources stated that the factions loyal to the UAE present in the region did not take any action to stop the confrontations, accusing them of providing one of the parties to the conflict with weapons and ammunition without mentioning any human or material losses.

The confrontations sparked terror and panic among women and children in the area, who were displaced to other villages.

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