Venezuela calls for lifting of all US sanctions

Venezuela calls for lifting of all US sanctions

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the United States to lift all sanctions on Venezuela and open a new phase in relations between the two countries.

Maduro emphasized unanimous support within Venezuela for the complete removal of sanctions, presenting it as a pivotal step toward fostering respect and collaboration between the two nations.

“All of Venezuela agrees with the demand for the final and complete lifting of all economic sanctions and the opening of a new period, a new era of respect and cooperation at the highest level between the United States of America and Venezuela,” Maduro reportedly said on Tuesday.

Maduro’s comments come after the US in October suspended some sanctions against the country.

The United States tightened its sanctions on Venezuela in 2019 following a political crisis in the country, then-parliament speaker Juan Guaidó declaring himself “interim president” of Venezuela and Washington recognized him.

The US sanctions have affected Venezuela’s top officials, government agencies, banking and energy sector, including Venezuela’s state oil company.

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