Large amount of bad-quality fuel reported in Aden

Large amount of bad-quality fuel reported in Aden

A large quantity of adulterated fuel was distributed to some Fuel stations in the city of Aden during the past two days, which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition in southern Yemen.

According to the sources, about 70 tankers of bad fuel entered Aden and were unloaded at several fuel stations in various regions.

The sources explained that the oil company in the pro-coalition government in Aden imported adulterated fuel from the “Safer Company” in Marib at low prices and sold it at high prices in a huge corruption deal that caused a heavy burden on the citizens.

The sources indicated the company sells a 20-liter gallon at 3,700 riyals, but the direct sale price for citizens in Aden is more than 25, 000 riyals.

The sources pointed out that the adulterated fuel caused damage and malfunction to hundreds of citizens’ cars.

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