Dozens killed and injured in Israeli strikes on Gaza

Dozens killed and injured in Israeli strikes on Gaza

The Israeli occupation forces continued this afternoon to target civilians and their homes in various parts of the Gaza Strip, killing and wounding dozens of people, most of them children and women, while many are still under the rubble, the Palestine Official News Agency Wafa reported on Thursday.

The occupation warplanes targeted two residential squares in the Civil Defense areas in the northern Gaza Strip, and the Imran neighborhood at the Talhiya junction in the center of Khan Yunis, which led to the death of dozens of people and the wounding of others.

The occupation planes also bombed a house for the Abu Haroun Al-Khouli family in the Askola area of the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in southern Gaza, resulting in deaths and wounded.

A number of people were also killed and others were injured when the occupation forces bombed a house for the Abu Assi family near al-Shamaa Mosque in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood in southern Gaza.

Ten were also killed and a number were wounded from the Khalaf and Abu Shahla families in the bombing of the al-Mashharawi family’s house next to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Mosque in the al-Sabra neighborhood in Gaza.

Dozens of citizens were killed and others were injured when the occupation bombed a house for the Arbi’ family in the Batn al-Sameen area of Khan Yunis.

Civilian casualties were recorded in a raid that targeted a house in the al-Hakar neighborhood in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces are besieging the Khalifa bin Zayed School, which shelters thousands of displaced people in the Beit Lahia project in the northern Gaza Strip.

One of those trapped in this school said the occupation forces and snipers were firing heavily at them, and there were casualties in the vicinity of the school, attacked for the second day in a row, but they could not save them. He appealed for urgent intervention to help them, before it was too late, as they had been suffering for 10 days from the lack of food and drink and very cold weather conditions.

The displaced people in Khan Yunis are living in extremely difficult humanitarian conditions due to the continuous targeting of the areas, the scarcity of materials, and the difficulty of heading to the city of Rafah due to the occupation’s targeting of infrastructure and roads, forcing most of them to take rugged roads on foot.


Source: Wafa News Agency

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