At least 5,000 Zionist soldiers confirmed injured

At least 5,000 Zionist soldiers confirmed injured

The number of wounded Zionist enemy soldiers has risen to 5,000 since October 7.

This number of wounded soldiers was acknowledged by the Israeli media at a time when the Zionist occupation leadership is trying to conceal the real numbers of human losses among its forces in light of the continued Palestinian resistance to the “Al-Aqsa Flood” epic and direct clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The writer on the Israeli “ynet” website, Han Artsi Sorour, commented on the wounded numbers, saying that “Israel has never gone through anything like this,” as he said.

He explained that the Zionist “requalification” department receives 60 new wounded members of the security and reserve forces every day, while this statistic does not include the wounded in the regular “army” forces.

The writer added that more than 2,000 soldiers were classified as disabled and were being accommodated by the Zionist Ministry of Security, in addition to 1,000 soldiers from the regular forces who were being treated by the Israeli “army.”

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