Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis hold rally in Sana'a to support Palestine

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis hold rally in Sana'a to support Palestine

Massive protest marches were staged on Friday in the capital Sana’a and other provinces in support of the Palestinian resistance.

In the rallies, hundreds of thousands declared their readiness under the slogan, “We will continue to support Gaza, and are ready for all options.”

The mass crowds raised Palestinian flags and slogans emphasising continued support for the Palestinian people and the resistance movements in the face of the barbaric Zionist-American aggression.

The marches affirmed that the position of the Yemeni people is a firm stance of faith and humanity in supporting the people of Palestine who have been being subjected to heinous massacres and genocide for two months by the US-backed usurping Zionist entity under the international and Arab complicity.

The participants strongly condemned the continued crimes of the American-supported Zionist enemy and its deliberate targeting of hospitals, schools and camps for the displaced in Gaza.

The large crowds saluted the heroic operations carried out by the Palestinian resistance factions, which have inflicted on the Zionist enemy heavy losses in equipment and casualties.

They also praised the continued operations launched by the Yemeni armed forces against the targets of the usurping entity in the occupied territories of Palestine.

The rallies affirmed that the Yemeni people sent a message, through these crowds, to America and the Israel entity, stating that their threats launched against Yemen do not frighten it, but rather increase its confidence and belief in the inevitability of Allah’s promise of victory.

The protesters’ statement called on the Yemeni people for general mobilization to support Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian people and its valiant resistance, and readiness to fight the battle of holy jihad to liberate the holy sites and the occupied Palestinian territories from the desecration of the Zionists.

The statement stressed the importance of strengthening the boycott of American and Zionist products and goods, which are contributing to the killing of the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank.

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