Hamas releases new combat footage of war in Gaza

Hamas releases new combat footage of war in Gaza

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Resistance movement, published footage on Sunday showing its fighters fiercely confronting the Israeli occupation forces invading the Gaza Strip in the south, namely in Khan Yunis.

The al-Qassam’s footage showed the Resistance fighters engaging a group of Israeli soldiers and firing a precision-guided missile at an infantry force attempting to set up a military position east of Khan Yunis.

The footage showed several Israeli positions being attacked and Israeli vehicles being destroyed in numerous directions.

The al-Qassam once again documented their usage of drone warfare against the Israeli occupation, wherein a UAV dropped an explosive on an Israeli tank east of Khan Yunis, which seemingly impaired the Israeli vehicle.

The Resistance fighters destroyed at least 44 Israeli military vehicles over the past 48 hours all over Gaza, Hamas’ military wing said.