Prime Minister of Malaysia: Blame for Red Sea crisis lies with Israel, not Yemen

Prime Minister of Malaysia: Blame for Red Sea crisis lies with Israel, not Yemen

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, affirmed that the navigation issue in the Red Sea did not originate with Yemen but rather with the aggression against Gaza.

He stressed the necessity of halting the aggression against the people of Gaza as the only solution to cease all forms of escalation, instead of resorting to aggression against Yemen.

In an interview with Al Jazeera on Friday, Ibrahim stated that Washington must stop the killing in Gaza.

He added that Palestinians have the inherent right to their land and to establish their state, and they cannot be confined to an open prison.

Anwar Ibrahim continued: “We observe that the largest country in the world (America) has formed a coalition against the poorest country in the world. Why? So that Israel can kill the Palestinians.”

The Malaysian Prime Minister also emphasized the necessity of taking steps to stop the killing in Gaza, and he called for a unified stance of all countries in this direction.

It’s worth mentioning that Malaysia, in December 2023, announced a ban on ships carrying the Zionist flag and prohibited ships heading to Israel from loading goods in its ports.

These measures were taken in response to the actions of the Zionist enemy, ignoring the basic principles of humanity and violating international law through ongoing massacres and atrocities against Palestinians.

In his latest statement, the Malaysian Prime Minister praised South Africa for filing a lawsuit against the occupation at the International Court of Justice, confirming his country’s “full” support for that move.

He stated that Malaysia strongly affirms its complete support for South Africa’s actions in the International Court of Justice to oppose tyranny and support justice.

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