Ansarullah condemns US assassination of leaders in Iraqi resistance

Ansarullah condemns US assassination of leaders in Iraqi resistance

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah on Thursday strongly condemned the treacherous criminal American attack that led to the martyrdom of the leader of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces and a number of his companions in the capital, Baghdad.

The Bureau confirmed in a statement that this attack comes in the context of the US support for the Zionist entity, considering the targeting of the martyr Abu Baqir al-Saadi as an aggression against the entire Iraqi people.

It pointed out that the American aggression indicates the extent of the impact and effectiveness of the Iraqi resistance strikes in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza and reflects the American-Israeli inability to stop the Islamic resistance strikes in Iraq.

The Bureau also stressed that the American presence in Iraq and the region is a major reason for destabilizing security and stability, and it is an illegal presence to target the nation and protect the Zionist entity.

It stressed that the repeated American attacks on the peoples of the nation will not affect its position and will not deter it from continuing its support for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The Ansarullah Political Bureau expressed its condolences to the Iraqi people and the Islamic resistance in Iraq, congratulating them on their great sacrifices in order to defend the Palestinian people in Gaza.

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