US, UK Bomb Yemen’s Hodeidah

US, UK Bomb Yemen’s Hodeidah

The US-British aggression forces renewed carrying out airstrikes this Friday evening on Yemen’s western province.

A security source in Hodeidah province confirmed that the US-British aggression targeted the Al-Jabana area with two airstrikes and conducted another airstrike on the Al-Taif area in the Al-Durayhimi directorate.

This  new aggression comes hours after the UK-US forces launched airstrikes on Al-Jabana, Al-Taif, and Al-Kathib regions

It is worth noting that the province of Hodeidah was subjected this morning to more US-UK airstrikes on the Al-Jabana and Al-Taif areas, following two airstrikes launched last night on the Al-Shabakah area south of the Al Salif port.

The number of airstrikes carried out by the US-British aggression on Yemen during this week has exceeded 90 airstrikes.

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