Yemenis have stood with Palestine from day one, says government member

Yemenis have stood with Palestine from day one, says government member

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Dr. Qasim Labozah, affirmed that the Yemeni people declared their solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza from the very first day, in a historic and honorable scene, with actions not only with words, statements, and condemnations.

In his speech during a mass rally in the capital Sana’a on Friday, Dr. Labozah pointed out that Yemen sought active participation through direct military action by launching rockets and drones towards Um Al-Rashrash and deep into the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Yemen made a historic decision by preventing Israeli ships and ships heading to the occupied Palestinian ports,” he said, adding that “The US-British aggression will not deter us from supporting our Palestinian people, no matter the cost.”

Labozah noted that preventing the passage of Israeli-linked ships led the United States and Britain to launch a blatant aggression against our people and country.

He praised the positions of the leader of the Yemeni revolution, which, through his speeches, express the Yemeni people’s authenticity based on religious beliefs, Arab belonging, and humanitarian sentiments,

Labozah emphasized that America and Britain should know that their attacks have made their interests in the region legitimate targets for the Yemeni armed forces.

He called on Britain to review the history of Yemenis when they defeated its empire, upon which the sun never set, in the 1960s, humiliated and defeated.

The Member of the Supreme Political Council affirmed that “Gaza defends the entire nation against the arrogants and faces all-out aggression supported by the West.”

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