Kidnapped Yemeni lawyer in critical condition inside UAE prison

Kidnapped Yemeni lawyer in critical condition inside UAE prison

Human rights sources reported on Friday shocking information about the health condition of the forcibly disappeared lawyer Sami Yassin Maresh Al-Sharjabi inside one of the detention centers run by the UAE in the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

The sources reported that the life of the forcibly disappeared Maresh was in real danger due to the physical and psychological torture he was subjected to by those in charge of the secret detention camp in the UAE’s Al-Nasr camp.

Maresh was transferred to receive treatment outside the secret detention facility due to the deterioration of his health condition, according to the sources.

The sources confirmed that Maresh was transferred to Bir Ahmed Prison after receiving treatment, and his family held the leaders of the UAE-affiliated Southern Transitional Council (STC) fully responsible for their son’s life.

Maresh was kidnapped and forcibly disappeared in a secret detention center in Aden at the end of November without any legal justification against the backdrop of his human rights stances against the violations committed by the UAE-backed factions against the people of Aden.