Yemeni military forces train for combat against Zionists in Negev desert

Yemeni military forces train for combat against Zionists in Negev desert

Yemeni forces carried out on Sunday a military maneuver simulating the storming of Israeli enemy positions in the Negev Desert and control of the Dimona settlements and the virtual Israeli enemy’s camps and leadership centers.

The maneuver carried out by the units of the Sixth Military Region of the Yemeni Armed Forces affiliated with the Sanaa government, entitled “To Quds is our path,” also simulated setting up ambushes targeting American-British supplies and reinforcements that came to support the Zionist enemy.








Various military units and divisions in the reserve forces of the Sixth Military Region, including the Air Force and the heavy and medium weapons, participated in the exercise, which comes as part of the military preparation and readiness to fight the battle of “the promised conquest and the holy jihad.”

Following the maneuver, member of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, confirmed the readiness of the Yemeni army for any confrontation with its enemies.





Al-Houthi pointed out that “America today is the loser,” pointing out that the missiles targeting ships in the Red Sea are 100% Yemeni-made, and “if Washington believes that Yemeni weapons are from abroad, then they are delusional.”





He addressed a message to the Palestinians, saying: “We are with you and our military forces are developing, and the enemy has noticed the accuracy of hitting the targets marked in the sea.”