Mahrah tribes continue to demand withdrawal of coalition forces

Mahrah tribes continue to demand withdrawal of coalition forces

The tribes of Al-Mahrah condemned the continued violations carried out by coalition forces and their occupation in the province.

The Al-Mahrah sit-in committee has reiterated its call to end the foreign presence in the province, urging the prompt departure of the Saudi-Emirati-American-British occupation from all Yemeni territories and that they cease attempts to militarize the Arabian Sea.

The official spokesperson for the Al-Mahrah sit-in committee, Ali Mubarak Mahamid, stated that the Saudi occupation forces, which have turned Al-Ghaydah Airport into a military base after disabling it at the beginning of the aggression on Yemen, continue to meddle, intervene, and violate the national sovereignty of Yemen.

“This is done through their dirty and malicious schemes to sow discord and target the social fabric within the Mahri community,” he explained.

In 2015, Saudi and Emirati forces entered the city of Aden from Bir Ali, citing the need to repel the “Houthi-Iranian” intervention and secure international navigation. It didn’t take long after the arrival of these forces for the new British-style experiment to take shape.

The Saudi-Emirati ambition in Yemen faced a southern awakening, which began on the island of Socotra when thousands protested against turning the island into a dependency of Abu Dhabi. Then came the uprising of the people of Al-Mahrah in July, demanding sovereignty over the province and rejecting foreign control over the city.

The protests expanded to reach the city of Aden, where the UAE has deployed over thirty thousand local military personnel loyal to them.

Hundreds took to the streets demanding the departure of the coalition forces from the south, a situation that analysts have compared to the protests in the 1960s against British presence, which laid the foundation for armed struggle in the south.