British occupation forces arrive in western Yemen as part of ploy to defend Zionist shipping

British occupation forces arrive in western Yemen as part of ploy to defend Zionist shipping

British forces have illegally arrived on the western coast, specifically in the area of Yakhtul, Taiz province,  which is under the control of mercenary warlord Tariq Affash, well-informed sources reported.

According to the sources, the arrival of British forces to the western coast comes as part of the deal signed by Tariq Affash with the British side during his recent visit at the beginning of March, which includes the installation of a British air defence system in Mocha and coastal areas overlooking the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, meant to intercept Yemeni missiles aimed at Israeli, British, and American ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

In addition, the Mocha Airport is set to receive batches of recruits who have been sent for training in neighbouring African countries.

Politicians believe that Britain wants to activate the western coast front and wants to know the extent of Tariq’s influence in this regard. This was confirmed by Tariq Affash himself in his meeting at Chatham House and also confirmed by The Independent in its report, where it quoted statements by Affash, who explained his vision to stop the Yemeni armed forces’ naval operations against Israel.

Afash emphasised that the only solution from his point of view, is to open coastal fronts, confirming the readiness of his forces to participate in protecting Israeli navigation in the Red Sea under the imperialist alliance called “Guardian of Prosperity”, which was established by the United States to protect Israeli navigation in the Red Sea.

According to The Independent, Tariq Affash requested military and economic support from Britain while providing air cover, in exchange for opening a new combat front against what he described as “the Houthis”.

British intelligence had summoned Tariq Afash at the beginning of March, upon which he traveled accompanied by the so-called head of the Coast Guard Service affiliated with the coalition government, Khalid al-Qamli, to the British capital of London, just days after the Yemeni armed forces targeted the ship Rubymar on February 19 and sank it completely.

Afash’ visit to Britain came with American, British, Zionist, and Emirati consensus, with the latter financing these movements and their material and military requirements, while London and Washington appear to be the sponsors in order to avoid Yemeni domestic backlash.

The visit also comes within the framework of the movements of the pro-coalition government supporting American directions in Yemen, and supporting the aggression airstrikes by the US and Britain on Yemen for the past nine years.

The Aden puppet government recently called for intensification and support for a ground operation for its factions to stop attacks by the Yemeni armed forces on ships associated with Israel, according to statements by Rashad Al-Alimi, in late January.