UN Special Envoy to Yemen: escalation in Red Sea is directly tied to situation in Palestine

UN Special Envoy to Yemen: escalation in Red Sea is directly tied to situation in Palestine

United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg confirmed that the escalation in the Red Sea is linked to the ongoing war in Gaza.

“Although we have tried to shield the peace process from regional developments since the war in Gaza, the reality is (that) what happens regionally impacts Yemen, and what happens in Yemen can impact the region,” Hans Grundberg, the UN’s special envoy for Yemen said during a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the latest developments in the country and the Red Sea

He warned of the continued complication facing the UN-led mediation for peace, in light of the escalation in the Red Sea.

Grundberg praised the government in Sanaa for opening the Hayfan road in Taiz province, considering it a positive step in the right direction.

He added: “I am encouraged to see parties renewing interest in the issue of roads. However, there is still more to be done to prevent incidents and improve coordination between the parties.”

The UN envoy also cautioned some parties against the dangers of engaging in a risky military adventure that could plunge Yemen into a new cycle of war, referring to factions affiliated with the UAE.

“In order to protect progress on the peace process, I urge all those involved to exercise maximum restraint and work toward de-escalation,” continued Grundberg.

He said: “We had hoped that the month of Ramadan (which began on March 11th) would have seen us with an agreement for a ceasefire throughout Yemen and measures to improve the living conditions in the country, and I had hoped to brief you today on preparations for a comprehensive political process.”

He added: “Public sector employees across the country should have been receiving their salaries and pensions. Oil exports should have resumed, which could have enabled more effective service delivery and improved economic conditions. And we should have had another agreement on the release of prisoners, allowing loved ones to return home in time for Ramadan.”

“While these hopes and expectations have not, to date, been met, our efforts in finalizing and implementing a United Nations roadmap remain undeterred. I believe that Yemenis share my impatience in achieving these aspirations,” he remarked.