Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases scathing rebuke of UN Security Council

Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases scathing rebuke of UN Security Council

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its dismay this morning, Tuesday, at the condemnation by the UN Security Council of Yemeni operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, in support of Gaza.

On Monday, the members of the Security Council issued a statement condemning in the strongest terms what they called “Houthi attacks” against commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

The Foreign Ministry considered the Security Council statement to reflect a dangerous submission to American criminal desires, affirming at the same time blind adherence to the American position supporting brutal massacres and genocidal practices against civilians in Gaza.

It emphasized that the Security Council’s stance violates all laws, principles, ethics, and common human values, rendering the Council’s mission, for which it was established, worthless.

“It is a shameful failure of the Security Council not to issue a statement condemning the daily massacres committed by the Zionist criminal apparatus against the children and women of Gaza for nearly 200 days,” the statement read.

It added: “Meanwhile, it does not hesitate to condemn strikes from Sanaa that were carried out in defense of laws and human values, aiming to pressure the Zionist entity to stop their aggression, lift the siege, and end the war crimes against the people of Gaza, who are suffering unprecedented tragedies.”

The statement point out that the Security Council should realize the dangerous situation it has reached due to the state of dissolution imposed on it by American hegemony. When the US prompts it to issue such statements and condemnations so easily in the wrong direction, but fails to do so once in the right direction, these statements become a repeated announcement of the death certificate of this council.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that its position and everything happening in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf are closely and organically linked to the events in Gaza. It is an exceptional humanitarian stance enjoying the support of the Yemeni people, all the peoples of the region, and the world.

The Ministry emphasized that Yemen’s operations will continue and will not cease unless the Zionist aggression against Gaza and the siege are stopped.

It confirmed that the Security Council must play its role, condemning the crimes of the US and Israel in Gaza. “It must also realize, for the thousandth time, that the solution lies not in aligning with America’s criminal desires or rushing to condemn Sanaa, but rather in serious pressure to stop the Israeli aggression, lift the siege, and save the oppressed people of Gaza, ” it concluded.