Major rallies for Palestine held in Jordanian capital

Major rallies for Palestine held in Jordanian capital

Pro-Palestine protesters have held a huge rally near the Israeli embassy in Jordan’s capital city of Amman, condemning the regime’s crimes in the Gaza Strip and calling for its embassy to be closed down.

During Sunday’s anti-Israel protest, Jordanian riot police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators who marched on the regime’s embassy in protest at Israeli forces’ war crimes in Gaza, including storming of the territory’s hospitals and mounting civilian casualties.

Protesters chanted “No Zionist embassy on Jordanian land,” urging the government to scrap its highly unpopular peace treaty with Israel. They also chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

“Revenge … revenge … Oh Hamas, bomb Tel Aviv,” they shouted.

Jordanian riot police had already been deployed to disperse demonstrators who gathered in the Kaloti Mosque and were planning to march on the nearby Israeli embassy.

According to eyewitnesses, several protesters were beaten and many others arrested as they tried to break a heavy police cordon around the embassy.