Protests in Berlin against genocide of Yemenis and Palestinians

Protests in Berlin against genocide of Yemenis and Palestinians

The Yemeni community in Germany in cooperation with the “Stop the War on Yemen” initiative and Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms, organized a march in the German capital Berlin to denounce the ongoing Zionist-American-British aggression against Yemen and Palestine.

The march roamed several streets, during which participants chanted slogans condemning the criminal behavior of the major aggressors and occupiers against Gaza and Yemen.

The march started from in front of the US Embassy in Berlin, passing through the historic Brandenburg Gate and the building of the Bundestag, and ending at the office of the German Chancellor.

During the march, speeches were delivered by activists and journalists.

Matthias Tretschug, the founder of the “Stop the War on Yemen” initiative and a German journalist, expressed disappointment with the German governments’ handling of Middle Eastern issues and their inhumane bias, including selling arms to countries committing genocide and war crimes as seen in Yemen and Gaza.

Mahmoud Al-Sagheer, the head of the Yemeni community in Germany, in his speech marking the ninth anniversary of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, said that the aggression on Yemen is still going on despite the ceasefire.

Al-Sagheer considered the blockade as a collective death sentence for the Yemeni people as it exacerbates their suffering by destroying the economy and leading to exhaustion and killing of Yemeni citizens amid international silence and complicity.

He pointed out that America has been and continues to tamper with peoples and spread injustice through its tools in the region.

Al-Sagheer emphasized the necessity of holding all those involved in the crimes of aggression accountable.

He affirmed the necessity for any agreement to include restitution of victims’ rights and prosecution of the representatives of criminal regimes, whether for the Yemeni people or for crimes of genocide in Gaza.

Dr. Ayman Al-Mansour, the head of Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms, highlighted the similarity of the suffering of the people of Gaza and Palestine to the ongoing suffering of the Yemeni people for more than nine years, during which thousands have fallen victim amid broad media blackout and biased international stances.

He stressed the urgent need to stop Zionist operations in Gaza, noting that Israel’s threat to invade Rafah increases their involvement in violations and breaches of international humanitarian law.

A statement issued by the march called on the German Chancellor, the European Union, and the international community to assume moral, humanitarian, and legal responsibility in halting the six-month-long continuous war on Gaza, stopping the arms shipments, and not supporting the Zionist entity in committing genocide in Gaza.

Participants in the march, including German and Arab activists, chanted slogans denouncing the aggression against Yemen and Gaza led by America, asserting that the United Nations is complicit in killing children in Gaza and Yemen.