Israeli occupation continues the seizure of Palestinian land

Israeli occupation continues the seizure of Palestinian land

The Israeli occupation authorities seized 27,000 dunums of Palestinian land, including 15,000 dunums, under the name of amending the boundaries of natural reserves in Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

The Israeli occupation authorities also seized 11,000 dunums through three orders declaring state land in the governorates of Al-Quds and Nablus and 230 dunums through 24 seizure orders for military purposes, preventing citizens from accessing thousands of dunums in the future.

The “Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission” (CWRC) explained in a report issued on Saturday on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of Earth Day and half a year after the aggression launched by the occupying Zionist entity against the Gaza Strip that the area of Palestinian territory controlled by the occupying entity and subject to many occupation measures amounted to 2,380 km2, equivalent to 42% of the total territory of the West Bank and 69% of all areas classified as (C), which are areas subject to occupation military rule.

The head of the commission, Minister Moayed Shaaban, indicated that the occupying entity has already begun establishing buffer zones around the settlements, through a series of military orders, and it began with the “Refafa” settlement, which was established on citizens’ lands in Salfit Governorate and prevents citizens’ access to 384 dunums, then in the “Harasha” outpost, which was established on citizens’ lands in Al-Mazra’ah Al-Gharbiyya in the Ramallah Governorate, preventing citizens from accessing 252 dunums, and in “Deir Dibwan” east of Ramallah, specifically around the “Mitzpe Danny” settlement, and prevents citizens from accessing 320 dunums.

Shaaban warned against expanding this plan to include other settlements, thus isolating more lands and preventing citizens from accessing them under military and security pretexts.

He added that, after the occupation’s aggression against Palestinian people, the planning authorities in the occupying state studied a total of 52 structural plans for the purpose of building a total of 8,829 colonial units on an area of 6,852 dunums. The approval process took place for 1,895 units, while 6,934 new settlement units were deposited.

These plans were concentrated in the Jerusalem Governorate, with 13 structural plans, most of them in the “Maale Adumim” settlement.

The Zionist settlers established 11 settlement outposts, in addition to constructing 5 roads, to facilitate the movement of settlers and connect the outposts to existing settlements.