Spain to recognize Palestine

Spain to recognize Palestine

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánche has affirmed that his country would recognize the Palestinian state by next July.

Several media outlets’ reports said on Tuesday that Sanchez told reporters during a tour in the Middle East.

The Spanish News Agency, and the newspapers “El País” and “La Vanguardia”, quoted Sánche as informal comments he made to the journalists during his visit at the Jordanian capital, Amman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, Sánche said he expected events in the conflict to unfold before the European Parliament elections, in early June, and highlighted ongoing discussions at the United Nations.

“There will soon be a “moving bloc” within the European Union to push many member states to adopt the same position,” he added, according to what the Spanish news agency reported.

At a European Council meeting on last March 22, Spain, Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia announced their readiness to recognize the Palestinian state when “appropriate conditions” are available.

A joint statement from the four countries stated that their leaders met in Brussels on the sidelines of a two-day meeting of EU leaders.