Aden electric authority announces new reductions

Aden electric authority announces new reductions

The General Electricity Corporation of Aden, announced on Thursday a reduction in the hours of power at stations due to the depletion of diesel fuel.

The media office official of Aden Electricity, Nawar Abkar, stated that the fuel committee has reduced the allocation of diesel for all power generation stations in the southern provinces, including Aden, as a cost-saving measure until the arrival of the diesel shipment after Eid al-Fitr.

He confirmed that this caused an increase in the number of hours power outage on Thursday in Aden to 4 hours per outage, compared to only 2 hours of operation.

In a post on his Facebook page, Nawar Abkar stated: “Don’t worry, the fuel committee has reduced the diesel allocation for all electricity generation stations in the liberated provinces as a cost-saving measure until a diesel shipment arrives after Eid. I don’t have exact information about when exactly. That’s why we lost an hour of supply and added an hour of outage, and God willing, during Eid, we will restore it and more, especially as the displaced people return to their homes.”

He continued: “Now we have stopped 70 megawatts running on diesel fuel. If Bin Mubarak orders an increase in the allocation of crude oil to the main station, 65 megawatts will be put into service, compensating for the diesel generation that we stopped.”

Aden Governorate has been witnessing an unprecedented collapse in all basic services, foremost among them electricity, which citizens suffer from continuous interruptions, especially with the onset of the summer season.