Governor condemns commercial bank transfer to occupied city of Aden

Governor condemns commercial bank transfer to occupied city of Aden

Aden Governor Tariq Sallam condemned on Sunday the move to transfer commercial banks to the occupied city of Aden, labeling it as part of the economic war waged against Yemen by the countries involved in aggression since 2015.

Governor Sallam emphasized that the aggression’s strategy, including relocating the Central Bank from Sana’a to Aden, has led to a dire economic and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

He stated that the decision to transfer banks aims to weaken Yemen’s internal economic stability and facilitate colonial agendas. This move is seen as retaliation for Sana’a’s operations in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Bab al-Mandab, targeting American and Zionist ships in support of the Palestinian cause.

Despite nine years of military and political aggression, the coalition has failed to achieve significant victories due to Yemeni resilience and leadership. The blockade and starvation tactics have only strengthened Yemeni resolve against foreign intervention.

He emphasized that the aggression coalition has pursued a policy of blockade and starvation in Yemen, seeking to subdue the population and sow chaos. However, this policy has failed due to the resilience and awareness of the Yemeni people and the strategic leadership’s adept handling of such conspiracies with all available means and resources. He lamented the dire economic and living conditions prevailing in Aden and the southern and eastern provinces under the control of the aggression coalition and occupation, highlighting the sorrowful state of affairs.

Governor Sallam emphasized that recent escalations by the US and UK in Yemen are doomed to fail, especially as they have been unable to halt Yemeni forces’ operations against Zionist ships, demonstrating solidarity with Palestinians and resistance against external pressures.

The Saudi-backed government has issued a decision to relocate the headquarters of commercial banks from the capital Sana’a to the occupied city of Aden in the south of the country within 60 days following Sana’a’s issuance of an alternative metal currency for the damaged one.

The move came while economic collapse has significantly impacted the living conditions of citizens in Aden and other occupied southern provinces, leading to a situation where the Saudi-backed government is unable to pay teachers’ salaries.