Teach protest surrounds government building in occupied Mukalla

Teach protest surrounds government building in occupied Mukalla

Dozens of protesters surrounded on Sunday the building of the local authorities loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the city of Mukalla, the capital of Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen.

Dozens of male and female teachers, in a protest in front of the headquarters of the local authorities in Mukalla, demanded the payment of their financial dues and an increase in their salaries to confront the high cost of living that is devastating their families.

The protesters, who blocked the streets leading to the authorities’ building, raised banners demanding the lowest standards of living with dignity for teachers, stressing that they have been subjected to injustice since past years by the pro-coalition authorities that did not meet their demands.

The protesting teachers threatened to escalate if the local authority and the government loyal to the coalition did not respond to their legitimate demands.

It is worth noting that the areas of Yemen under the control of the coalition are suffering from an economic collapse and the deterioration of the local currency exchange rate, which has made it difficult for citizens to obtain basic life needs in light of the government ignoring their suffering.