Ansarullah condemns American repression of university activists

Ansarullah condemns American repression of university activists

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah condemned the repression by US officials of peaceful protesters at universities demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza.

The Bureau affirmed in a statement that the unjustified repression of protesters exposes the falsehood of the US government’s claims to defend freedom, protect human rights, and promote democracy.

It also affirmed the right of American citizens to peaceful protest and commended their ethical stance, reflecting an increase in societal awareness regarding the Palestinian cause and rejection of Israel’s brutal practices in Gaza.

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah called on international human rights organizations to condemn these oppressive practices against peaceful protesters in the US and to pressure the US government to cease its human rights violations.

The statement emphasized that the genocidal crimes committed by Israel in Gaza require a firm international stance to stop them, and that peaceful demonstrations in the US reflect the American people’s rejection of these crimes and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

It reiterated that the Palestinian cause will remain central to Arab and Islamic nations, and Ansarullah continues to support the Palestinian people through all means until their legitimate rights are achieved.