UAE organizes military parade in Hadhramaut

UAE organizes military parade in Hadhramaut

The UAE on Tuesday mobilized its fighters from all factions loyal to it to the city of Al-Mukalla, the center of Hadhramaut province in eastern Yemen.

The UAE organized a military parade for all its factions in the coastal directorates on the anniversary of the so-called “liberation” of the city from terrorist elements, amidst accusations against Riyadh of backing the deployment of Al-Qaeda elements in Al Mukalla between 2015 and 2016.

Informed local sources revealed that Saudi Arabia sent its “Defense Minister” in the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, Mohsen Al-Daeri, two days ago to Al-Mukalla to curb what it described as “provocations” carried out by the UAE against the Kingdom through the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the coastal directorates of Hadhramaut.

They stated that Al-Daeri arrived in Al-Mukalla and briefed the member of the “Presidential Leadership Coalition ” affiliated with the coalition, Vice President of the STC, Faraj Al-Bahsani, whom the UAE assigned to oversee the military exercise for its factions in Al-Mukalla, but without success.

Al-Daeri was forced to attend alongside Al-Bahsani. They also reported that Saudi Arabia failed to curb the UAE’s mobilization and showcase of military formations in the coastal directorates.

Political observers believe that the military parade of UAE factions is a fiery message to Saudi Arabia, which sought to deploy ” Dera Al-Watan” forces in the coastal directorates last February.

They expect Saudi military leaders to be sent in the coming days to Al-Mukalla to meet with Hadhramaut Governor Mukhtar bin Mubarak to discuss the continuation of UAE military provocations in the coastal directorates.