UN Security Council to hold meeting on mass graves in Gaza

UN Security Council to hold meeting on mass graves in Gaza

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, praised the stances announced by the Yemeni Armed Forces, as a victory and defense of the Palestinian people, aimed at cutting off the supply lines to “Israel” until its aggression and siege against Gaza cease.

Hamas said in a statement: “What our brothers Ansarullah and the brave Yemeni Armed Forces are doing to support our people and resistance is an extension and translation of the historical positions of the authentic Yemeni people in support of Palestine, defending our Palestinian people against the aggressive occupation.”

It called on our Arab and Islamic nation to unify its efforts in besieging the Israeli enemy, and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their national rights, foremost among them the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital in Al-Quds.

The Palestinian resistance factions also praised the Yemeni people and the positions of the leadership of Ansarullah and the Yemeni Armed Forces, extending their greetings to the leader Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

In a statement issued, Friday, the factions affirmed that the announcement by the Yemeni Armed Forces of the beginning of a new phase of escalation and the efforts to cut off the supply lines to the Israeli enemy entity is a practical translation of their supportive stances towards the Palestinian cause.

They proudly followed the massive marches in which the Yemeni people expressed their authenticity and courage, affirming that the Palestinian cause is the central issue of the nation.

The factions called on the peoples and forces in the Arab and Islamic worlds to support Yemen’s positions, due to their advanced and practical stance in confronting aggression and the threats of occupation to launch a ground attack against Rafah.