Several spies and foreign agents arrested in large-scale counter-espionage operation in Sana’a

Several spies and foreign agents arrested in large-scale counter-espionage operation in Sana’a

Security forces in Sana’a, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, have arrested a number of spies over the past few days. These individuals were recruited through officers and members of an intelligence entity called “Force 400,” led by the wanted foreign agent Ammar Affash.

A security official explained to the Yemeni News Agency Saba that these spies were “recruited to work on gather information and monitoring sites belonging to the Yemeni armed forces on the western coast of the Republic of Yemen, for the benefit of the American and Israeli enemy.”

“As the Yemeni people and leadership declared the “Promised Conquest  and Holy Jihad” battle, in support of the besieged Palestinian people and carried out operations targeting the Zionist enemy’s positions in the occupied territories, as well as preventing Israeli navigation in the Red and Arabian Seas; and within the framework of the American and British aggression against Yemen; the security services detected intelligence activities by the United States and its collaborators among traitors and mercenaries.”

He added, “This included agents affiliated with the so-called “Force 400″ intensifying their activities and recruiting some weak-minded individuals, tasking them with monitoring and gathering information about missile launch sites, drones, and locations of naval forces for the purpose of targeting them by American and British enemy aircraft.”

Security agencies affirmed that the apprehended confessed to monitoring missile launch sites, drones, and locations of Naval Forces and providing their coordinates to their operators. They also were tasked with assassinating members of Armed Forces, security personnel, sabotaging vehicles and equipment.

Additionally, they cooperated with the enemy in order to strike the internal front and destabilise freed areas of Yemen, in order to serve the American and Israeli forces through these sabotage and criminal operations.

“Security agencies will spare no effort to secure the internal front and fortify it against US-Israeli attempts to penetrate it,” the source stressed.

They warned against collaboration with hostile agencies, and clarified that punishment for such acts can include the death penalty.

Furthermore, security agencies announced that security media will disclose some confessions of the spies, as well as the names of certain leaders of the so-called “Force 400,” through national media outlets at 3:00 PM Sana’a time today.