Millions of Yemenis rally across Yemen to reaffirm loyalty to Palestinian cause

Millions of Yemenis rally across Yemen to reaffirm loyalty to Palestinian cause

Millions of Yemenis staged on Friday massive rallies across the country in solidarity with the Palestinian people and support for the Yemeni Armed Forces, under the slogan “Escalation [will be met] with escalation….With Gaza until victory.”

A statement was issued during the rallies, warning  against falling for the deception and misinformation practiced by the US administration to absolve itself of responsibility for all the crimes committed against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the entire region.

The statement affirmed that America is the primary supporter of the Zionist enemy entity, and without American military, political, economic, and intelligence support, the entity would not have dared to commit these crimes.

It declared solidarity with Egypt in the face of the Zionist threat to Palestinian national security, affirming standing with the Egyptian right to respond firmly to the aggression on Egyptian territory represented by the Rafah crossing.

It also praised the patience, resilience, and steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the bravery and courage of their fighters, confirming that they are not alone as Yemen and all the free people of the world with them.

The statement highlighted the honorable stance of students from American and European universities and free academics who moved to support the oppressed Palestinian people, appreciating their noble humanitarian stance and their demand for a stance against the brutal massacres in Gaza.

The statement expressed solidarity with university students, condemning and denouncing the assaults and arrests they face by the Zionist Jewish lobby in America and elsewhere, demanding the immediate release of detainees and holding the brutal repressive agencies accountable.

It praised the Yemeni Armed Forces’ response to popular calls by increasing the strikes and operations carried out in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, as well as southern occupied Palestine.

The rallies’ statement reiterated the Yemeni people’s demand to open safe land corridors to allow direct participation in the battle with the Zionist-American enemy alongside the Palestinians in occupied Palestine.

It  called on Arab and Islamic peoples and all the free people of the world to activate the economic boycott weapon against American and Israeli goods and the supporting companies