Over 300 Gaza civilians massacred in past 24 hours alone

Over 300 Gaza civilians massacred in past 24 hours alone

The Gaza Health Ministry has reported a devastating toll from the ongoing Israeli aggression, with 35,173 individuals confirmed deceased and 79,061 injured over the past 220 days.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, in the last 24 hours alone, there have been eight massacres perpetrated by the Zionist forces against families, resulting in 82 fatalities and 234 individuals wounded, who have been admitted to hospitals.

The Ministry emphasized the continued presence of victims trapped under rubble and in the streets, further compounded by obstacles imposed by the Israeli aggressors, hindering ambulance and civil defense crews from accessing these areas to provide necessary assistance.

On Saturday, the civil defense in Gaza confirmed that more than 10,000 martyrs are still under the rubble and have not been rescued yet.

Israel initiated its offensive on Gaza on October 7 following actions by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group in response to Israeli provocations against Palestinians.

Additionally, the Tel Aviv regime has imposed a severe blockade on the territory, severely limiting access to fuel, electricity, food, and water for the more than two million Palestinians residing there.