New Hezbollah drone and missile strikes hit Zionist targets

New Hezbollah drone and missile strikes hit Zionist targets

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, launched on Saturday a series of military operations targeting the Israeli occupation military sites and barracks on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

The resistance stated in its military statements that it had targeted the headquarters of the “Liman” battalion with artillery shells and targeted a position of Israeli enemy soldiers at the “Al-Baghdadi” site with a combat drone, achieving direct hits.

The resistance confirmed the destruction of the enemy’s newly developed spy equipment placed on a crane at the “Hadab Yarin” site, and another operation targeted the technical systems and spy equipment at the Raheb site with appropriate weapons, which led to a direct hit and destruction of them.

The Lebanese Resistance targeted another position of Israeli enemy soldiers inside a room in the Ramim barracks with a drone attack, in conjunction with targeting the spy equipment at the Ramta site with appropriate weapons and achieving a direct hit.

The resistance also targeted a gathering of enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Pranit Barracks with missile weapons, as well as the Ras Naqoura naval site with artillery shells, in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on the civilian fisherman in Ras Naqoura inside Lebanese territory, according to the resistance statement.