Sayyid Abdul-Malik speaks on latest developments

Sayyid Abdul-Malik speaks on latest developments

The leader of the revolution, Sayyهd Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, slammed the U.S. president Joe Biden’s refusal to admit Israel committing genocide in Gaza.

In his speech this Thursday afternoon on the latest developments of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the regional developments, Sayyid Abdul-Malik, said that with all the clear acts of genocide committed by the Israeli enemy in Gaza, the US President comes out to deny that, and that the killing of dozens of children and women and the destruction of civilian neighborhoods and the demolition of residential blocks are not considered acts of genocide from the point of view of the US President.

The leader added that it is not strange that Biden does not consider what is happening in Gaza a war of genocide, as the Americans are the masters of criminality and have a history of genocide. “The US supports and participates in the genocide against the Palestinian people,” he added.

The American floating port in Gaza is a military base

The leader revealed that Washington brought armored vehicles and air defense systems, emphasizing that it wants to turn the Gaza Strip into a prison with one gate through the sea that is overseen by American military personnel.

“Through the floating port, the American wants to control the few aid supplies and employ them in a way that serves their military interests and serves the Israelis,” he added.

In another context, the leader emphasized that the Israeli War Minister’s declaration of the return of settlement activity in the West Bank is a serious escalation.

“The desecration of the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the criminal Ben Gvir and the threat he issued is a serious escalation and a challenge to all Muslims,” calling on all the Muslims to unite against the US-Israeli enemies.
The leader also affirmed that protests must continue in American and European universities, and in other countries as well. Silence in the face of the Israeli enemy’s heinous crimes is a grave injustice to humanity. The recognition of the Palestinian state by 3 European countries, while an incomplete position, is still considered an important political step.

In other hand, he mocked some Western countries that speak of the rights of cats and other animals, yet are complicit in the Zionist genocide crimes against humanity.

Commenting on the recent statement of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, the leader affirmed that it is completely unfair, coming in the context of the West’s blatant embarrassment, leading them to adopt some positions.

He explained that it is no longer acceptable for the West to remain silent about Israeli crimes, as it is a major scandal. They wanted to move in low positions to equate the victim and the executioner, but we do not expect them to be realistic, fair, or just, as they have been spectators to the Palestinian injustice for 76 years, and have been supporters of the Israeli enemy throughout.

Regarding the Arab position, the leader confirmed that there is a great responsibility on Muslims, and some Arab countries have not reached the level of completely severing their relations with the enemy, and it is unfortunate that the media of some Arab countries still supports the Israeli enemy against the Palestinian people and their mujahideen.

He explained that in the face of the Israeli escalation, Arab statements and summits are not enough, and what is required are practical positions, decisions and serious steps. It is supposed that the Arab and Islamic countries should clearly move towards supporting Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He said that it is not befitting for any Arab country to enter into a normalization deal in order to enjoy American protection. The pursuit of some countries to obtain American protection from their people or neighbors is a wrong approach and a failed policy. Some regimes that have relied on American protection to secure themselves from their peoples have failed.

He emphasized that good neighborliness and dealing based on Islamic and Arab values is what will bring security to some regimes, not normalization. Whoever rushes to throw himself into the arms of the Americans will subject all his capabilities and security to the Americans’ ugly exploitation.

The Leader offers sympathies to Iran

Sayyid Abdul-Malik offered sympathies for the martyrdom of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sayyed Ibrahim Raisi, and his companions, and he emphasized his steadfast positions on the issues of the nation, foremost among them the Palestinian issue and support for the Yemeni people.

He added that Iran has stood with Palestine in a distinctive and unparalleled way at the official Arab and Islamic level within the framework of a firm and principled position.

He pointed out that Iran has adopted the causes of the Islamic nation and the oppressed peoples, including the position towards the injustice of our Yemeni people.

He noted that there was no strong, clear and explicit official position in support of the Yemeni people against the aggression on our country like the Iranian position.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik spoke about the positions of Sayyed Raisi, saying: “he was the bearer of the Iranian position on the issues of the nation and expressed it with all firmness, desire and courage.”

He added that many leaders speak in a tone in which they always respect what might anger the American, noting that Sayyed Raisi was different from the rest of the leaders and distinguished by his clear and brave voice and position without regard for American pressures.

He praised Sayyid Raisi’s qualifications, saying: “Sayyid Raisi expressed the Islamic Revolution in its adoption of the Palestinian cause without being affected by political and economic calculations.”

Talking about Yemen’s Issues

Leader of the Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik warned of the aggression coalition’s plots to tear Yemen apart and sow discord among the Yemeni people under racist, sectarian, regional and political slogans.

He affirmed that Yemeni unity is a reminder to the Yemeni people of what they should be, as it is in line with their faith-based identity.

In the context of Yemen’s support for the Palestinian cause, he affirmed that Yemen’s support for the Palestinian cause was embodied in the unity of the Yemeni people in all its governorates in support of the Palestinian cause.

The Leader said: “In our country’s support for Gaza, the Yemeni people in all its governorates appeared united in supporting the Palestinian cause.”

He announced the implementation of 8 operations with 15 missiles and drones during this week in the Red Sea, the Arab Gulf, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

The Leader said: “One of our military operations this week was executed towards the Mediterranean Sea.”
He added that: “The number of ships targeted so far has reached 119 ships linked to the Israeli, American, and British enemy.”

The leader spoke about the downing of two American MQ9 drones this week in the airspace of the governorates of Marib and Al-Bayda.

He said that: “The MQ9 drone is one of the most important American armed reconnaissance aircraft and its downing is considered an important achievement for air defense.”

He affirmed that the economic impacts on America and Britain are ongoing with rising prices and shipping costs, because most goods are transported by sea.

The leader said that “the American and British obstinacy and insistence on the blockade of the Palestinian people is the reason for the impacts that afflict them.”

He indicated that military mobilization and training is continuing, where the number of trainees reached 327,105.

The leader said: “Our position continues in the victory of Palestine and our feelings and awareness as the Yemeni people of responsibility will not diminish nor abate”, calling on the Yemeni People to participate in massive marches tomorrow in supporting the Palestinians against the Israeli enemy.


Source: Almasirah Net