Millions of Yemenis march in support of Palestine

Millions of Yemenis march in support of Palestine

The capital city of Sana’a and other Yemeni provinces witnessed massive demonstrations on Friday afternoon, as millions took to the streets in marches in support of the Palestinian people and the escalation announced by the leader.

Responding to the call of the revolution’s leader, Sayyid Abdul-Malik, in his weekly speech on Thursday , million-man marches took place in over 180 squares across 14 provinces, showing solidarity with Gaza.

During the march, the Yemeni Armed Forces announced the execution of three operations targeting three ships in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and, for the first time, striking a ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

The statement issued by the million-man marches affirmed supporting the Armed Forces’ operations calling for more escalation against the Israeli enemy until the aggression stopped.

It also praised the patience, resilience, and steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the bravery and courage of their fighters, confirming that they are not alone as Yemen and all the free people of the world with them.

The participants condemned the International Criminal Court’s decision against three Palestinian resistance leaders, which was based on lies, fabrications, and falsehoods, while ignoring major crimes committed by dozens of high-ranking American-Zionist enemy criminals.

The millions participating in the marches reiterated their demand to open safe land corridors to allow direct participation in the battle with the Zionist-American enemy alongside the Palestinians in occupied Palestine.

The marches called on Arab and Islamic peoples and all the free people of the world to activate the economic boycott weapon against American and Israeli goods and the supporting companies.