Southern Yemeni separatists panicked over reported Saudi plans to establish new puppet organisation

Southern Yemeni separatists panicked over reported Saudi plans to establish new puppet organisation

Saudi Arabia has recently sparked panic among the leaders and activists of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), following news of its intention to support and finance a new southern political bloc from all the people of the southern provinces, which is expected to be declared in the coming weeks.

The sources reported that Saudi Arabia is seeking, along with southern parties, to establish the new bloc headed by former President Ali Nasser Muhammad, who hails from Abyan province in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

According to the sources, preparations for establishing the bloc are being made through communication with various parties and forces that are not part of the STC project, amid expectations that its leaders will be announced in the coming weeks.

The sources indicated that one of the bloc’s first tasks is to put an end to the STC allegations and its monopoly in representing the southern issue away from the rest of the southern components and forces.

Saudi Arabia’s support for the new bloc to be inclusive of all southern provinces, including Hadhramaut and Mahrah in eastern Yemen, and to represent all political, military, and tribal groups after the STC restricted all positions to the people of “Dhalea, Yafea, and Radfan” and not others, especially the systematic exclusion of the people of Abyan, Shabwah, and the eastern province.

The new southern bloc, which will include all trends, will enjoy regional and international support.

Over the past two days, STC activists have launched a campaign of intimidation targeting President Nasser on social media.

The sources expected the STC president, Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, to leave for the UAE to present the steps taken by Saudi Arabia and how to confront them amid accusations that members of the “Presidential Leadership Council” were coordinating with some parties to join the new southern component loyal to Riyadh.