Egyptian soldier killed by Zionist forces at border

Egyptian soldier killed by Zionist forces at border

An Egyptian soldier was killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli occupation forces at the Rafah crossing on Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip on Monday, according to Israeli media.

Zionist media outlets reported that no Israeli soldiers were hurt in the incident which left one Egyptian killed and others wounded.

There was no immediate comment from the Egyptian authorities.

The Israeli military said: “A few hours ago there was a shooting incident on the Egyptian border, the [incident] is under investigation, dialogue is taking place with the Egyptian side.”

Daily News Egypt, an independent English-language Egyptian newspaper, cited unnamed sources as saying Egyptian soldiers were “affected” by the Rafah massacre on Sunday, in which an Israeli bombing led to the killing of 45 Palestinians at a displacement camp.

The Rafah border crossing was seized by Israeli occupation forces earlier this month as the military expanded its ground invasion of Gaza into the southern city of Rafah.

The occupation of the crossing increased tensions between Egypt and ‘Israel’, threatening 45 years of peace between the two countries, which had previously fought four wars.

Israeli occupation forces targeted on Sunday evening, a camp for displaced persons in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, leading to a gruesome massacre. The camp, set up in UNRWA warehouses, was supposed to be a safe zone.

Source: Al-Manar English Website