Mohammed Abdulsalam condemns Rafah massacre

Mohammed Abdulsalam condemns Rafah massacre

The head of national delegation and spokesman for Ansarullah, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by the Zionist entity against displaced people in the city of Rafah, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent civilians.

In a post on his X account, Abdulsalam described this massacre as a crime of genocide that adds to the Zionist enemy’s extensive record of crimes against the Palestinian people.

Abdulsalam emphasized that such aggression will not bring any victory to the enemy, asserting that the legendary resilience of the Palestinian people will render these genocidal crimes futile.

He criticized the international community’s silence on these crimes, interpreting it as complicity with the American-backed Israel.

Abdulsalam called for immediate international action to stop the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and to hold the Zionist entity accountable for its crimes.

He affirmed the full support of the Yemeni people for the Palestinians in their resilience and resistance against Zionist aggression, expressing confidence that victory will ultimately be the ally of the Palestinian people.