Sayyid Abdul-Malik speaks on latest developments

Sayyid Abdul-Malik speaks on latest developments


For 244 days, the aggressive Zionists continue their genocidal aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. This week alone, the Zionist killing machine has claimed around 2,100 martyrs and wounded in Gaza, the majority of whom are wo…

For 244 days, the aggressive Zionists continue their genocidal aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. This week alone, the Zionist killing machine has claimed around 2,100 martyrs and wounded in Gaza, the majority of whom are women and children, The leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi stated during his weekly speech on Thursday.

“After the Naksa, the Arabs officially gathered in Sudan and announced what they called the “Three No’s”: No peace, no negotiation, no recognition. Unfortunately, nothing remains of those “No’s” now, and even the Sudanese regime has abandoned them,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik said.

He added, ” If we compare what happened in the Naksa and what happened over 8 months in Gaza, we see that the enemy was unable to achieve any actual victory in Gaza. From the intifada in 1988 to the humiliating withdrawal of the enemy’s army from Lebanon in 2000, to the 2006 war and Saif of Al-Quds and other battles, the enemy was forced to retreat in disgrace.”

Sayyid Abdul-Malik confirmed that the Arab armies in 1967 had hundreds of planes, thousands of tanks and armored vehicles, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers, yet they did not last for six days.

He further confirmed that  the Palestinian resistance currently has light and medium weapons, and the available rockets, yet the world sees the actual defeat level of the “Israeli” enemy.”

 The US role in role in the crimes of genocide in Gaza

The American role continues to be a partner in every Zionist crime against the Palestinian people. The Americans, who used to claim to respect the judiciary, now impose sanctions on the International Criminal Court and its staff and judges, Sayyid affirmed.

“The Americans continue to suppress student movements in American universities and counter the activities of students supporting the Palestinian people. The reinstatement of tents by students at Columbia University this week is an important symbol of persistence despite the repression.”

The American initiative does not end the aggression on Gaza, nor does it lead to the withdrawal of the “Israeli” enemy from it, nor the delivery of aid to all parts of the Gaza Strip. It is far from achieving a comprehensive and complete prisoner exchange deal.

The aim of the American initiative is to provide additional political cover and support for the “Israeli” enemy in the face of American embarrassment and isolation from the rest of the world.

The American initiative provides cover for the continuation of genocide crimes and the ongoing tightening siege day by day, he stated.

The legendary resilience of the fighters in Gaza

The fighters on all battlefronts in the Gaza Strip continue their steadfastness and resilience against the “Israeli” enemy with determination and courage.

The operations of the fighters in Gaza are ongoing, specialized, and successful, inflicting losses on the “Israeli” enemy at all levels.

The Zionist enemy now clearly and explicitly acknowledges the effectiveness and impact of Hezbollah’s operations.

Operations of Yemen’s Armed Forces

This week, we carried out 11 operations in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and towards Umm Al-Rashrash. Our operations this week involved 36 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones,” the leader of the revolution said.

“Our Armed Forces launched joint operations with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq early this morning, executing a significant operation towards Haifa Port. The path of joint operations with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq will be important, strategic, and escalating.”

“The joint operations are an important path that will provide a model of cooperation among the people of Islam in the context of jihad for the sake of Allah. The joint operations will have a significant impact on the enemies as part of the fourth phase of escalation,” he elaborated.

“A significant development in this week’s operations is the inauguration of the “Palestine” missile system. The “Palestine” missile was manufactured with the requirements of the fourth phase in mind, both in terms of technology and range. The “Palestine” missile is distinguished technologically, especially regarding interception attempts in which several countries cooperate.”

“This week, our operations targeted eight American-related and affiliated ships, and another ship that broke the entry ban into the occupied Palestinian ports.”

He added, ” One of the most notable and important operations this week was the targeting of the American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” twice in the northern Red Sea within 24 hours. The American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” was targeted with seven cruise missiles and four drones”.

“After the “Eisenhower” was targeted twice, it retreated towards the northern Red Sea, fearing further targeting by our Armed Forces. The “Eisenhower” was 400 km from the Yemeni coast during the targeting, then moved about 880 km northwest of Jeddah. The operation to target the “Eisenhower” was successful, and its air traffic halted for two days after the targeting.”

American warships flee and change their course when the targeting operation is successful, as evidenced by the available surveillance technologies.

The Americans tried to deny the targeting of the “Eisenhower,” which is due to their embarrassment and sense of defeat and loss of prestige. The American aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” will remain a target for our Armed Forces whenever the opportunity arises, according to Sayyid Abdul-Malik.

“The facts will be revealed no matter how much the Americans try to deny the targeting operations, and the upcoming strikes will be more impactful and effective”

“During the month of Dhu al-Qi’dah, our operations amounted to 38 in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, reaching the Mediterranean and towards the south of occupied Palestine. The support operations during the month of Dhu al-Qi’dah were carried out with 91 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones.”

 The US-British Aggression on Yemen

“Today marks the end of the fifth month since the beginning of the American-British aggression on our country in support of the “Israeli” enemy,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik said.

“The American-British aggression on our country comes in support of the genocidal crimes and siege against the Palestinian people in Gaza”

He continued: “The Americans and British work to protect Zionist interests in the sea and strive to secure it so it can continue its genocidal crimes without disturbance. The air and naval raids by the American-British aggression on our country amounted to 17 this week, resulting in 15 martyrs and 43 wounded.”

“The American and British air and naval bombardments on our country have so far totaled 487, resulting in 55 martyrs and 78 wounded. Despite the martyrs and wounded caused by the American and British aggression, it will never affect our principled and faithful stance”.

“We will never retreat from our supportive stance for Gaza, no matter the extent of the American and British escalation against our country, whether militarily or in other areas. We have our options in facing the conspiracies, and we possess pressure cards against the enemies, and we will ultimately do what we need to do,” he stressed.

It is a great loss for any Arab regime or entity to involve itself in a very big problem serving the “Israeli” enemy, he added.

“Any steps against our people will be considered aggression to serve the “Israeli” enemy and will be met with a reaction from our side. We will not be idle or shackled in the face of targeting our dear people, whether economically or militarily,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik warned.

“Our dear people are steadfast in their position because it is based on faith and trust in Allah, the Almighty, and His promise of victory. Our operations have a clear economic impact on the “Israeli”, American, and British enemies. Our stance in supporting Gaza is principled and jihadist, and we trust in Allah, the Almighty, and are assured of His true and unchanging promise,” he underlined.

“We are prepared to sacrifice and endure suffering, no matter the extent, as part of our supportive stance for Gaza, as it is an honorable position.”

He noted that the Yemen’s stance in supporting Gaza is a source of pride for our dear people and will be immortalized for future generations, representing a great honor before the world.

The General Mobilization

 Sayyid Abdul-Malik confirmed that Popular activities in support of Gaza have exceeded 570,000, including demonstrations, sit-ins, evenings, and events. The significant presence of our people in support of Gaza reflects faith, awareness, a high sense of responsibility, and a living human conscience.

“The mobilization forces have reached 352,038 trainees, which is extremely important as it falls within the framework of preparation for power. Activities of maneuvers, military parades, and demonstrations have reached 1,885 activities, which is a very important and highly active path,” he said.

Sayyid added, ” Our people remain steadfast in their position despite all attempts by the enemies to pressure them to retreat or cause confusion.”

“We will continue to develop our capabilities and will respond to escalation with escalation, with full confidence and steadfastness, relying on Allah, and with great hope for His victory”.

He called on the Yemeni people to come out in million-man marches tomorrow in the capital Sana’a and other governorates.