Socotra “Governor” under Saudi rule rebels against growing UAE influence

Socotra “Governor” under Saudi rule rebels against growing UAE influence

Governor Rafat Al Thaqali, loyal to the Saudi-led aggression coalition, has revolted against the UAE amid accusations against its delegate of violating customs and traditions of the province, according to media sources on Friday.

Abdul Karim Salem Bin Qublan, the secretary of the Salafi leader Rafat Al Thaqali, stated that “Al Thaqali has entered into disputes with the UAE delegate in the island, Khalafan Al Mazrouei,” due to the latter’s interference in everything, in addition to not respecting customs and traditions and the suffering of the people of Socotra.

Emirati companies use the service card as a tool for political blackmail and pressuring the Socotra society, Qublan explained. He indicated that the Emirati “ADNOC” station exacerbated the suffering of the island’s residents by setting exorbitant gasoline prices, according to the “Al Mahrīyah” website.

The secretary of Al Thaqali accused the Emirati delegate Al Mazrouei of losing his humanity and becoming a hostage to his personal interests, and continuously violating the social customs and traditions of the people of Socotra.

This comes after a wave of protests condemning the deterioration of conditions and services on the island, demanding the dismissal of Al-Thaqali and the departure of foreign forces from the archipelago.

A number of residents, including military personnel, stormed the local authorities’ headquarters affiliated with the UAE on the island in mid-May last year.

Al Thaqali’s relationship with the UAE deteriorated, and he sided with Saudi Arabia following a visit by the so-called Saudi Support Forces’ Commander, Sultan Al-Baqmi, to Socotra in mid-November of last year, during the inauguration of one of the “free medical camps for children’s surgery.