Senior STC commander killed in Abyan province

Senior STC commander killed in Abyan province

A senior military commander of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia was killed on Thursday in a bomb attack in Abyan province, south of Yemen.

Tribal sources said that an explosive device exploded  and targeted a military vehicle carrying the commander Basheer al-Sha’ieri, while passing through Mudiyah district.

The sources explained that the explosion resulted in the death of Al-Sha’ieri and two of his companions.

This came a few hours after a similar explosion targeted Security Belt Forces commander Abdul Rahim al-Maker in the same district, killing him instantly and injuring six others.

The STC’s factions in Abyan are subjected to the largest attrition operation in recent times, in light of an almost daily series of explosions  targeting military and security commanders, after their failure to control the province, for the fifth consecutive month since the start of their military operation in early September.