Mahdi al-Mashat: United States and Britain are main obstacles for peace in Yemen

Mahdi al-Mashat: United States and Britain are main obstacles for peace in Yemen

President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, confirmed on Monday that the facts have proven that the United States of America and Britain are the ones who put obstacles in the way of all attempts to bring peace to Yemen.

During his meeting in Sana’a with the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, and his team, said that America and Britain do that based on their vision that the continuation of the aggression and the blockade represents an economic and political interest for them.

President Al-Mashat pointed out that “whenever there is any rapprochement between Yemen and Saudi Arabia and they reach an understanding, America rushes to send its ill-fated envoy to the region, and all efforts fail.”

He highlighted the role of America in the aggression and siege on Yemen, cutting salaries and thwarting peace efforts, noting that this confirms that America is behind all the Yemeni people’s suffering and seeks to continue the war.

President Al-Mashat added, addressing the UN envoy, “We convey, through you, to the international community, including European countries, our warning of America’s and Britain’s efforts to push for escalation. We affirm that the whole world will be affected if the escalation returns in Yemen, including America and Britain. ”

He continued: “We are ready for peace as we are ready for war, and let the aggression coalition choose the path it wants. We are in a position of legitimate defense of our country, our freedom, and our independence.”

The president stated that the humanitarian initiative, which responded to the demands of the tribes of Abyan, Shabwah, and Bayda to release the captive Faisal Rajab, confirms that “we, as Yemenis, are able to resolve our differences in the absence of external intervention.”

“All the propaganda promoted by the Americans, the British, and the advocates of partition has evaporated, and it confirms that the unity of Yemen is not only a political unit but rather a unity of the people, and it will not be subject to any external or political bidding,” President Al-Mashat stressed.

For his part, the UN envoy expressed his thanks to President Al-Mashat for the unilateral initiative represented in the release of Major General Faisal Rajab.

The meeting dealt with the latest developments related to establishing peace, stopping aggression, and lifting the unjust siege on Yemen.