Yemeni Defence Minister: One way or another, Yemeni rights will be restored

Yemeni Defence Minister: One way or another, Yemeni rights will be restored

Yemen’s Minister of Defence in the National Salvation Government in Sana’a, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, confirmed on Thursday that the Yemeni people’s stolen rights will be restored through a political solution or in other ways that are compatible with the enemy’s arrogance, greed, procrastination, and delay.

This came during his chairing of an expanded meeting in Sana’a that included the leaders and officers of the naval forces and coastal defense.

“It is more honorable for us to die in order to preserve our country, its wealth, and its independence,” Major General Al-Atifi said.

The Minister of Defence touched on the methods of misinformation and the media war through which the Saudi-led coalition and its tools are trying to undermine the stability and steadfastness of the people.

He noted that the supreme revolutionary, political, and military leadership had agreed to negotiate with the coalition countries to establish an argument against the coalition countries’ procrastination, evasion, and lying to the Yemeni people.

Major General Al-Atifi went on to stress, “If the coalition countries fulfilled their pledges, then we are the victors, and if they lie, we are the victors, and the next battle will not remain in Yemen but will move to the depths of the coalition countries.”

He stated that the invaders’ practices witnessed today in the occupied Yemeni territories, such as fueling conflicts, suppressing citizens, and putting them in secret prisons, fall within the framework of the policy of humiliation of the Yemeni people.

Al-Atifi argued that the withdrawal of the coalition forces and their tools from several areas of Hodeidah province took place after they received painful blows and that it was done to cover up their defeats.

“The attempts of the new invaders and colonizers this time failed, and they were defeated and will not be able to continue their stay in the Yemeni land,” he affirmed.

The Minister of Defence referred to Yemen throughout the ages as having been coveted by colonial invaders and greedy people due to its vital strategic location in the heart of the world.

Major General Al-Atifi indicated that the coalition and its tools, along with the Western colonial forces, tried to implement the British colonial plan in Aden and the southern and eastern provinces of the homeland when they came to occupy Hodeidah.