Yemen's deputy foreign minister blasts France’s sensational statements

Yemen's deputy foreign minister blasts France’s sensational statements

An official of Sana’a government strongly slammed on Saturday the sensational statements made by the French ambassador to Yemen, Jean-Marie Safa, against Yemen.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, responded the French statements on Twitter, saying: “France can no longer steal Yemeni gas, and this is what prompts its dull ambassador to talk about us with all that hatred.”

“There is no need for your ambassador to play the role of drowning in tears, lies and grudges, and it is not good to antagonize the Yemeni people,” Al-Ezzi addressed Paris. “We are friends, and buying Yemeni gas is possible, but only at the global price.”

According to observers, the French ambassador’s sensational statements against Yemen were lack the slightest degree of responsibility and diplomacy.

Earlier, the French ambassador had accused Sanaa several times of placing obstacles in front of the recent peace efforts, considering Sanaa’s insistence on humanitarian files, including the salary file, as unnecessary, as the matter requires more time, which observers described these statements expressed France’s insistence on the continuation of the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The observers noted that the French statements revealed the nature of the French role parallel to the American role and the Western countries participating in the war on Yemen, aimed at obstructing peace negotiations efforts, returning to escalation and continuing the war.