President Mahdi al-Mashat reiterates that Yemeni unity is not up for debate

President Mahdi al-Mashat reiterates that Yemeni unity is not up for debate

President Mahdi Al-Mashat affirmed on Saturday that the Yemeni Unity should not be a matter of disagreement or conflict, but rather it should remain greater than all persons and parties, and greater than all differences and conflicts.

Mashat’s remarks came during his visit to Major General Khaled Baras, advisor to the Supreme Political Council and head of the Southern Movement component participating in the National Dialogue Conference, to be reassured of his health.

President Mashat lauded the patriotic positions of Baras in the 14th of October Revolution and his role in opposing the occupation and aggression against Yemen.

President Mashat indicated that the 33rd anniversary of the blessed Yemeni Unity comes at a time when the country is exposed to plots and suspicious projects that seek to undermine it by further dismantling and tearing.

He affirmed that “the 22nd of May reminds everyone of the safe passage and the only lifeline, which is the return to unity, intimacy, and brotherhood.”

President Mashat pointed out that unity is a stable destiny in the depths of peoples and a voice that does not leave the conscience of the Nation, regardless of the size of the difference between the one people and one nation.

For his part, Major General Barras indicated that the blessed Yemeni Unity is a great event in the history of Yemen, considering President Mashat’s visit to him as evidence of his appreciation for this historic event.

“We are with the patriotic stances. We steadfastly fought and sacrificed against the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen, each with his weapons and energy, and we stopped the storms of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen,” he said.

Paras noted that when Yemeni Unity was announced, people in all provinces came out to welcome it as a great historical event.

He stressed that if unity had not been achieved on May 22, 1990, the Yemeni People would have taken out and worked to achieve it in another way.

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