Yemen honours National Resilence Day, marking nine years since start of Saudi invasion

Yemen honours National Resilence Day, marking nine years since start of Saudi invasion

Mehdi Al-Mashat, the President of the Supreme Political Council, reaffirmed that “the Yemeni people do not celebrate the war imposed upon them but rather honour their decision to defend themselves with legendary resilience.”

In his address commemorating National Resilience Day, President al-Mashat elucidated Yemen’s predicament, presenting two choices: “succumbing to aggression and enduring aimless suffering or resisting to achieve a cause worthy of sacrifice.”

He underscored that “March 26th, despite marking the commencement of an externally supported aggression, symbolises the onset of a journey for a dignified Yemen, steadfastly striving for freedom and honour.”

Al-Mashat urged for the preservation of the principles for which martyrs sacrificed their lives and the reinforcement of the values and ideas underpinning Yemen’s remarkable resilience.

He reiterated Yemen’s unwavering support for Gaza, urging the cessation of the US and UK-backed aggression against its people and the lifting of the blockade.

Emphasising Yemen’s commitment to peace, al-Mashat refuted any claims of Yemen threatening others.

He called upon coalition leaders to advance towards peace, to cease aggression, and to implement the agreed-upon peace roadmap.

Saudi Arabia, backed by the United States and regional allies, launched a war on Yemen in March 2015, claiming the goal of bringing the government of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi back to power. Despite the fact that Hadi has been removed from any semblance of power by the Saudis themselves in 2022, the war on Yemen still continues to this day.