Senior Al-Qaeda member survives assassination attempt in Ma’rib

Senior Al-Qaeda member survives assassination attempt in Ma’rib

An emir of al-Qaeda in Ma’rib province has on Thursday survived an assassination attempt, Yemen Press Agency reported, citing local sources.

According to the sources, Sheikh Khalid al-Aradah, an emir in al-Qaeda, had escaped an assassination attempt when his convoy came under fire near Al-Falj point south of Ma’rib.

Several sources confirmed that armed groups belong to Sheikh Ali bin Ghraib, a leader of the Islah Party was behind the attack on al-Aradah’s convoy .

Furthermore, the sources pointed out that there are sharp differences between different leaders of al-Qaeda terrorist elements in Ma’rib province, due to the sharing of funds provided by Saudi-led coalition countries.

Khalid al-Aradah was listed by the US Treasury on March 21, 2017 as an international terrorist.

On May 23, 2017, US forces stormed Khalid al-Aradah’s home in the village of Al-Khathlah in order to arrest him, but he managed to escape.

On March 3, Yemeni security and intelligence services in Sana’a revealed Khalid al-Aradah’s home in Kara was used as a weapons depot for al-Qaeda operatives in Ma’rib province.