US occupation forces deploy to Aden to protect "presidential council"

US occupation forces deploy to Aden to protect "presidential council"

Saudi-led forces have sent dozens of US troops on Sunday to Yemen’s southern port city of Aden.

This was reported by the Yemen News Portal, based on the testimonies of well-informed sources.
This move came a few hours after US officers arrived at the al-Ma’ashiq Palace in Aden, on a mission to protect the so-called Presidential Council, which is expected to be reside at the palace in the coming days.

Informed sources confirmed that a new batch of American soldiers arrived in the city of Aden within hours, coming from bases stationed in Mahrah province, in the east of the country.

The sources explained that the US units will be tasked with protecting the Saudi-funded mercenary presidential council, along with Tariq Saleh’s forces, in light of mounting security concerns and threats.

The United States of America, the most prominent participant in the coalition of the war on Yemen, is apparently seeking to follow up on its tools directly and secure its movement in the southern provinces.